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Capa Elle americana

Junho 5, 2008

Mary-Kate Olsen em entrevista para a Elle Americana.

Ela só tem 21 anos pipou!!!!! Nossa, se eu com 21 anos tivesse o ‘jeito’ dela, hoje com 27 já estaria me considerando uma idosa!

Veja um trecho a respeito de sua REHABILITAÇÃO EM 2004… (considerando que ela tinha 17 anos!!!)

About On going to rehab in 2004:
“I have never talked about that, or been quoted about that. Look, I think it’s important that what anybody goes through – and I’m not saying that it’s true or not true – you realize it’s part of growing up. Everybody is going to go through hard times. It’s a part of life. I think the hardest part to get to is that point of asking for help or reaching out to other people and being honest with yourself. I do not want to go through my life with my eyes shut. And I don’t want to go through it with a closed mind. I want to be aware of things. And I’d rather know than not know.”

by Lexa

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